Smoking Cessation


What is Smoking Cessation? Cigarette Smoking Cigarette smoking is a modifiable risk factor which means that people have to option of quitting if they like and change their health. Tobacco is a known carcinogen that can cause cancers, as well as lung disease and heart disease, making it important to promote smoking cessation. Smoking [...]

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Skin Care


Why is Skin Care important? Skin Care Skincare is very important for maintaining good skin integrity and good physical appearance. It entails: Avoiding excessive sun exposure of to prevent damage from the UV rays Staying hydrated with at least the recommended amount of water intake on a day to day basis which is 64 ounces, [...]

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Influenza Flu occurs every year and is due to exchange of respiratory droplets from a sick individual to non-infected individuals. Flu is caused by the virus called influenza. There are two major strains of the of the influenza virus, type A and type B. Symptoms can include fevers, body aches, headache, sore throat, stuffy [...]


Do No Harm


Do No Harm I remember the day I had the honor of being able to rush in on a last minute flight to the island where my medical school is in order to attend the very first day, the mark of my long journey ahead as a young MD. As many may not know, [...]

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Even A Smile Is Charity


Smile Wise men say it takes less effort to smile than it does to frown. As a matter of fact it is perfect in reinforcing the fact that it takes less number of facial muscles to smile than it takes to frown. To be exact it requires 17 muscles to smile whereas it requires [...]

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Prevention Is Better Than Cure


Prevention It is amazing how many people aren’t informed or avoid approaching their health by realizing in advance that stopping something bad from happening is far better than trying to fix what’s broken later on. It is easier to stop the onset of a medical problem before it happens simply because cure involves healing [...]

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Anemia Defined as a condition which the red blood cell count is lower than normal in a person's body. Measured by: Hemoglobin levels in the blood. Hemoglobin is a molecule inside of each red blood cell. It has a special role of carrying oxygen. Symptoms of anemia include: Feeling short of breath Feeling dizzy [...]


Cancer Screenings


Cancer Screenings The United States preventative service task force has published data on cancer screenings. Screenings hold great value in that it involves detection of cancer before an individual gets sick with the symptoms of that particular type of cancer. The guidelines published within the USPSTF indicates strongly on each appropriate interventional screening performed [...]

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Sars2-COVID The Sars2-COVID is a virus that began approximately, over a year ago in December 2019 and was thought to originate from Wuhan, China. Spreading on a global scale and eventually leading to a global pandemic, this virus spread from individual to individual by exchange of respiratory droplets. This means that an infected person [...]

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Metabolic Syndrome


Insulin resistance syndrome Metabolic syndrome according to the American Academy of Family Practice articles metabolic syndrome is also known as insulin resistance syndrome, as well as syndrome X. It is a cluster of risk factors that will increase an individual's risk to developing cardiovascular disease such as heart attacks and stroke as well as [...]

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