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Get the convenience of receiving care online from your home. Family Medicine Online focuses on you as if it was our own family and providing the care you and your family deserve.


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Welcome to Family Medicine Online

It’s your new, easy and convenient platform to take care of medical conditions. The most important distinction is to know that many conditions can be handled by conducting a televisit as opposed to having to physically weave through traffic just to drive into a doctor’s office, and wait.


Hi, I’m Shivani Chawla and I am Family Physician conducting virtual televisits for patients with 9 years of clinical experience as a primary care provider/urgent care doctor and can help address medical health issues within an online scope of practice such as common acute ambulatory care that does not require a doctor’s office visit.

DR. SHIVANI CHAWLA Family Physician

It is a patient centered care in a Family Medicine online virtual focused program with an extensive experience performing medical clinical duties in a busy clinical setting.



We’re always here to help patients who might struggle with coordinating child care arrangements or commuting arrangements in order to facilitate a visit to their doctor. By setting up a virtual family medicine online consultation, it eliminates the inconvenience of fighting traffic, driving to a doctor’s office, and/or commuting for certain visits that may not require you to leave your home.
Management of ambulatory conditions:


Dr. Shivani is a patient centered doctor focused on care in Family Medicine with an extensive experience performing medical clinical duties in a busy clinical setting.



Televisit access to variety of health services: preventive care & screenings; hypertension, diabetes; and acute care for problems like digestive issues and high fever without traveling..



Scheduling and receiving regular checkups and contact with a single physician make it more likely that any health issues that you have will be detected early, when they’re most treatable.



A single physician who has seen you for everything from bellyaches to blood-pressure control means having a health resource who knows your history. Your family’s history is all in your record.

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