Sleep. The twin brother of death

Over time one begins to realize the concept of day and night differences. It is common knowledge that the days are best utilized for working progress whereas nights are best utilized for rest. Sleep is one of the greatest blessings and is considered a natural state in which the body and mind enter and is a day-to-day occurrence.

It is characterized by reduced muscle activity as well as altered consciousness, among other changes within the human body.

Sleep state

Sleep is a state during which many health benefits can be attained and some of these include

  • Enhanced memory

  • Enhance mood and energy level

  • Improved immune system

  • Increased exercise performance

  • Reduced stress levels, among many other benefits

How much Sleep is required?

The amount of sleep required by an individual can vary based on age, for instance, and adult will require an average of up to nine hours of sleep, whereas a younger person at the tender age of five, may require as much as 13 hours a day, a newborn will require even greater amounts, such as up to 17, hours a day. If an individual is unable to sleep their required amount, then the person enters a state of sleep deprivation, also known as Insomnia

Insomnia can cause deleterious health effects including weight gain worsening of mood, low energy levels, etc. Insomnia may be triggered by frequent interruptions in the night or even having difficulty falling asleep.

Reasons include illness fluid intake in the late evening leading to bathroom use throughout the night, caffeine intake in the evenings promoting wakefulness, uncomfortable temperature of the room, among various factors. As a result of these reasons, it is highly advised to control sleep disturbances through a series of steps known as a sleep hygiene technique.

This is attempted to restore sleep, using this technique before advanced treatments or opted or sought-after sleep hygiene is both a behavioral and an environmental practice implemented to help treat mild to moderate Insomnia.

Sleep hygiene entails the following:

  • Number one: making sure the room is dark and quiet reducing noise and light exposure, stimulating a person’s mind during the resting process. This involves turning off all cell phones television sets laptops and computers.
  • Number two: avoid the intake of evening caffeine.

  • Number three: exercising regularly during the daytime to help one fall asleep more easily in the nighttime.

  • Number four: comfortable temperature in the room to promote sleep.

  • Number five: being consistent in maintaining the same wake and sleep time on a daily basis.

  • Number six: avoiding the intake of fluids in the late evening to prevent frequent interruptions in the night as a result of having to empty the bladder, among other steps. So sleep better and live healthier.


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