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Contentment and happiness are blessings that can result from a state of mindfulness. Mindfulness is a state in which a person is focused on themselves, including their emotions, their mental state, their physical health and well being and last, but not least, their spiritual state. It is a presence of mind and heart that is deeply rooted on the individuals’ today and the now as opposed to their yesterday, which has come and gone, or their tomorrow, which is yet to arrive. I have known people who have been able to strive for a greater goal from becoming mindful and that is to attain serenity or peace and a state of calm. Since mindfulness is a state within the self by default in my opinion, I can safely say that anything that deters us from this natural state is due to a calamity or the noise in our day to day life. When we are going through ups and downs like an emotional roller coaster in the work front or personal matters as well as mental, spiritual and or health related areas as well, it is easy for anyone to deviate from this state, leading away from achieving the benefits of being mindful, one of which is inner tranquility. We start to live in our past or future and these become the barriers to attaining that inner well being.

The distracted mind, that is struggling to attain mindfulness can lead to deleterious health effects on many aspects including our physical, mental, emotional and spiritual well being. It is completely normal to have emerging thoughts from our day to day life but it is an excellent service to oneself to try and restore our natural state of being mindful and allowing ourselves to cope through these thoughts and to let them pass as a form of therapy leading to healing.

One of the prerequisites of attaining mindfulness is silence, indeed. When a person is silent, a process is set into motion automatically involving acknowledgement of feelings and thoughts. It becomes therapy for an individual to be able to register and process them within and gradually allow them to come to pass. It’s definitely an approach that one would need to practice to benefit from it.

It’s a great aid in spiritual practices, where it enhances prayer or acts of worship. For those trying to achieve, or attain a spiritual excellence may choose to seek solitude to enhance mindfulness to improve remembrance of God. Maintaining a sound mind and a sound heart, it brings upon this inner purification and cleansing. It allows one to gain knowledge of one’s own feelings heart, mind and nothing but goodness can come from within. As mentioned before one of the criteria for mindfulness is to remain silent as speech can become a distraction. Having long periods of silence in between can help drive mindfulness by reflecting on ourselves making silence a key ingredient in or an integral part of mindfulness. When one is silently mindful, it can lead to enhanced coping mechanisms with each difficulty and similarly enhance our prayers and/or other acts of worship. It also allows us to learn from our mistakes, to reflect on destiny, to plan ahead, to live, to heal, to solve, to reflect and to become aware.

Benefits of mindfulness include restoring positive energy by recharging the self to attain baseline tranquility again. This meditation is a form of relaxation, a stress relief and a coping mechanism that needs to be felt in order to reach thankfulness, reward and happiness. Reflecting upon the blessings of God upon us, will not only result in gratitude and contentment in the heart, soul and mind, but it will protect us from becoming ungrateful and sinking from the trials and tribulations of life. By thinking of our blessings, a transformation in our speech will take place which in turn will in our demeanor as being balanced, dignified and positive.


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Majority of the patient’s diagnosis is hidden within the history and physical examination component of any visit and that entails establishing a relationship based on good communication, attentive listening as well as for forming and implementing a plan of action and this is a guarantee from my end personally to a patient who receives care under me.

Every patient is unique with special circumstances and I’m here to listen to their problems as well as to thoroughly assess each and every individual concern from the patient and provide remedy along with counseling follow up establish and maintain continuity should they need that.


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