Do No Harm

I remember the day I had the honor of being able to rush in on a last minute flight to the island where my medical school is in order to attend the very first day, the mark of my long journey ahead as a young MD. As many may not know, the white coat ceremony marked a very significant moment for myself as a brand-new medical student in my early career as a doctor.

Part of this celebration involved embracing an oath of “primum non nocere,” upon entering my medical university which taught me the greatest lesson of all mankind. As each student was called forth to come up to stage for the white coat ceremony, a symbol of honesty in the practice of medicine as well as humanity, these words became one of my most treasured goal in life. With these words i took my steps forward into practicing medicine, a level of intellect that formed over the course of my formal training.

“Do no harm” not only applied to a wisdom in practicing medicine but also to the philosophy of leading my life both in my personal and social environment as well. This taught me that life also encompasses this practice day to day within my family and friends, acquaintances I met as well as with each and every patient I encountered. In these words, are hidden the deepest meaning which to me meant abstaining from bringing harm upon others that will result in benefiting mankind.

Implementing this both on a professional and a personal scale allowed myself to view the risks and benefits utilizing my best clinical and interpersonal judgement. Since I realize that apart from interacting with a patient in the room, I’m always dealing with a human being, it is deeply important to apply this on both levels-in the doctor patient relationship as well as a human to human relationship. This is the kind of family physician I have trained myself to become over the course of my training as the years continue…


“DR. CHAWLA IS THE BEST DOCTOR I have ever visited. Dr. Chawla takes the time to explain and is sincere… “


“Very knowledgeable, professional and genuine-she listened, explained… and showed compassion…”

“I am grateful that I was connected with such a caring person, and I would recommend her to anyone”

“I Talked to the Doctor virtually and was so happy and satisfied… She has all the patience in the world to listen to patients”



Majority of the patient’s diagnosis is hidden within the history and physical examination component of any visit and that entails establishing a relationship based on good communication, attentive listening as well as for forming and implementing a plan of action and this is a guarantee from my end personally to a patient who receives care under me.

Every patient is unique with special circumstances and I’m here to listen to their problems as well as to thoroughly assess each and every individual concern from the patient and provide remedy along with counseling follow up establish and maintain continuity should they need that.


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