It is amazing how many people aren’t informed or avoid approaching their health by realizing in advance that stopping something bad from happening is far better than trying to fix what’s broken later on. It is easier to stop the onset of a medical problem before it happens simply because cure involves healing the actual problem when it could have been avoided to begin with.

Simply talking with your provider at least on an annual basis well visit can help avoid so many potential problems.

For instance, getting your yearly checkups can entail the following:

  • Vaccinations
  • Screens for cancers as per USPSTF guidelines, evidence-based medicine and updates
  • Supplementation with vitamins in stopping the development of a chronic medical problems
  • Facing behavioral health problems leading to suicide
  • Smoking cessation treatment options
  • Lifestyle changes such as exercise
  • Nutrition counseling on medical problems that may or may not lead to complications long term
  • Other services

Preventative healthcare visits can promote healthy lives. Book an appointment at least once a year for your check-up.


“DR. CHAWLA IS THE BEST DOCTOR I have ever visited. Dr. Chawla takes the time to explain and is sincere… “


“Very knowledgeable, professional and genuine-she listened, explained… and showed compassion…”

“I am grateful that I was connected with such a caring person, and I would recommend her to anyone”

“I Talked to the Doctor virtually and was so happy and satisfied… She has all the patience in the world to listen to patients”



Majority of the patient’s diagnosis is hidden within the history and physical examination component of any visit and that entails establishing a relationship based on good communication, attentive listening as well as for forming and implementing a plan of action and this is a guarantee from my end personally to a patient who receives care under me.

Every patient is unique with special circumstances and I’m here to listen to their problems as well as to thoroughly assess each and every individual concern from the patient and provide remedy along with counseling follow up establish and maintain continuity should they need that.


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