Weight Loss

For every person there usually is a range of healthy weight for their height. A calculation called the body mass index can help to determine a person normal weight for their height. Just simply plus it in the calculator or do it yourself by dividing the weight measured in kilograms by the height squared measured in meters. Normal body mass index is 18.5 – 24.9. A BMI of > 25 but less than 29 can be considered over-weight under the circumstances that you are not Arnold Schwarzenegger as a body builder loaded with muscle as muscle weighs more than fat. Such conditions do not apply in defining the body as categorized above using the BMI calculation. Furthermore, a BMI of > 30 can be considered obese.

Weight loss is important for those of us who fall into overweight or obese BMI since the risks of being overweight or obese are many such as developing diabetes or hypertension for example. Weight loss can be a process leading to a healthier state.

Simple strategy already known to many include exercising approximately 150 minutes a week doing cardio exercises by breaking down into simple 30 minutes daily at 5 times per week. In addition to adding 2 days a week of light weights. Adding gradually to meet your goals can be a gradual process as your body is able to maintain a successful regimen.

In addition to exercise, it necessary to incorporate water intake simply by relieving you of feeling constant hunger when really our body is asking for water. Keeping our stomachs full, water can easily replace caloric intake further reducing weight.

Nutrition also needs to be assessed on a daily basis to meet your required goals to keep weight low and maintain it at your desired weight lifelong. Speak to your nutritionist for a nutrition plan to aid in this process or simply modify your intake and log into an app on the iphone as a way to monitor intake. Apps like “my fitness pal” are a great way to track your intake. Speak to your doctor on what works best for you. Remember to incorporate fruits instead of sweets, vegetables, fish and poultry and dairy appropriately.

I would like to share a personal favorite story to inspire others. At the end of pregnancy at approximately 41 weeks I had reached a weigh of 185 pounds from my baseline as my pre-pregnancy weight has been 145. Within a 6-month period, I tried to change my caloric intake using the diet pyramid incorporating, fruits, vegetables, fish, meats and protein powder to make tasty shake after workouts at 4 times a week. I also made sure that I drank plenty of water and even monitored my water intake daily. At the end of a post-partum recovery as well as my weight loss journey, I succeeded and reduced as low as 57 pounds and became 128 pounds.


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