Sleep affecting Your Health?


Sleep. The twin brother of death Over time one begins to realize the concept of day and night differences. It is common knowledge that the days are best utilized for working progress whereas nights are best utilized for rest. Sleep is one of the greatest blessings and is considered a natural state in [...]

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The Greatest Remedy?


Immunizations Immunizations, the greatest remedy. It is known through various forms of religious teachings that there are cures for everything save one death. Among these remedies, published in scientific literature, are vaccinations. Vaccines are the greatest remedy of all time, in any given community, with the goal of boosting our immune system against [...]

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Childhood Vaccinations


Childhood Vaccinations Most childhood vaccinations are divided into age groups including birth. One to two months, four months, six months. 12 to 18 months, and four to six years. diptheria tetanus and pertussis. The three micro organisms mentioned above, are bacterial illnesses that are potentially harmful and can be safely prevented in the [...]

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The Benefits of Water


What are the benefits of water? The benefits of water. Sweet and palatable. Water is an essential part of the body and life research studies show that adequate amounts of water intake help the following. It removes toxins from our bodies. It clears the skin leaving it with a healthy glow. It promotes [...]

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